Water Conservation in the Kitchen

Water Conservation in the Kitchen

Even with all the traffic and minor annoyances it causes, the recent rainfall throughout the Bay Area is a welcome relief. As skiers finally get some real powder in the Sierras and the kiddos go splashing through puddles, we can’t forget that it’s our responsibility to continue water conservation efforts. The state has yet to impose water usage restrictions, but they are urging us all to voluntarily use less.


Small changes in the kitchen add up!

You already know the basics: low-flow shower heads, Energy Star appliances, dual flushing toilets, drought-resistant landscaping, turning the tap off during teeth brushing/hand washing, shorter showers, etc., so we won’t bore you those. You are probably doing many of them, anyway!

However, if you are in the kitchen preparing a meal you could save even more by trying out some of these tips:

– Washing fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to be a major waste of water! You can wash them all in a bowl of water, or collect the running water into a pan. Then, water your plants with it after you’re done.


Stop rinsing and start soaking.

– Composting food waste instead of using the garbage disposal can save water. By limiting the disposal use, you don’t have to run the tap unnecessarily.


Beneficial for water conservation, the environment, AND your garden!

– The water you steam your veggies in would make a great base for some yummy, homemade soup or stock. It’s more nutritious and flavorful than tap water!


Save the water from your steamed veggies.

– Go ahead and use your dishwasher- IF it’s completely full. Your automatic dishwasher is actually much more efficient at saving water than hand washing…


Dishwashers are much more efficient these days.

– …but if you are going to hand wash (maybe a small load?), set up a tub of hot soapy water for washing and other for rinsing. Leaving the tap running is a enormous waste of one of our most precious resources.


Turn off the tap.

Thankfully, there is even more rain in the forecast as February winds down. Since these minor storms are only a drop in the bucket (pun intended), there are many more ways to help the water conservation effort. If each of us makes some small adjustments, it could lead to a big difference in the near future!

Here is a recently released info-graphic showing how severe the drought is in the West:


Our conservation efforts, along with a lot more rain, can help ease the hardship of drought.

We want to know if you have any other interesting ways to save water in the kitchen or anywhere else! Drop us a line in the comments section if you have a novel idea to share…


-LizaMarie Parker

Most of the tips were gathered from: http://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/