Dive into These Great Pool Party Ideas

Dive into These Great Pool Party Ideas

Summer’s in full swing and what can be better than a pool party on a hot day?  If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, here are some tips for having a great party:

1.  Be the perfect host and have lots of market umbrellas, canopies and some extra sun hats.  Offer extra towels and some plastic bags for guests to take home their wet swimming suits.

2. Designate a room for guests to change into their bathing suits and leave their clothes.

3.  Have lots of waterproof sun block on hand. Spritzer bottles filled with iced water set in a cooler is an easy way for guests to cool down between dips.  Add a few drops of scented oil for an extra special touch.

4. Have plenty of bottled waters, lemonade, sodas, juice boxes, and other cold beverages on hand.  People can get dehydrated even in a pool.

5.  Set out plenty of chairs for the non-swimmers and sunbathers.

6.  Balloons make a colorful fun addition to swimming pools – hang them up or let them float on top of the water.


Balloons over Swimming Pool

7. Hit a party store and get a bunch of inexpensive beach balls, diving rings, goggles, foam noodles, water guns, inner tubes, rafts and inflatable water creatures.   They add a festive touch. Glow sticks bring color to the pool when it gets dark and adds fun to nighttime swimming.



Even dogs like to dive for rings


8.  Food always tastes better outdoors!  Grilling by the swimming pool is always a good choice.  The aroma and sizzle adds to the festive mood.  Also offer cold snacks such as crudités, fresh fruit and shrimp cocktail.  It’s great to keep these plates on ice.    Add some simple snacks in bowls — things that won’t wilt in the sun — tortilla chips and salsa, pretzels and crackers.

9. Keep glass and breakables away from the pool and serve the food on disposables. Compostable/recyclable plates and eating utensils are “green” and will impress your earth-friendly guests.

10.  For music, look no further than ITunes  Essentials which offers some great pre-grouped music packages…Summer Songs, Summer Songs II, Summer Vacation, Summer Nights, Lazy Summer and on and on.  There’s even one called Pool Party just released on July 11.

11.  Keep those tiny uninvited bug guests away by hitting the entire party area with insect spray or a repellent bomb set off about an hour before guests arrive.  And as darkness falls, keep the bugs at bay by lighting citronella candles and tiki torches.

12.  For safety sake, mark the depth of your pool on waterproof tape.  If kids or non-swimmers are expected, separate the shallow end of the pool from the deep end with a brightly colored rope-and-float line.

13.  A first aid kit should be standard for any kind of party.  If children are present, designate a very responsible parent as an overseer.  It also may be a good idea to hire a lifeguard.  The American Red Cross (http://www.redcross.org/) has a great site with practical advice for pool parties — everything from where to find lifeguards to how long you should wait after eating before swimming.

14.  If your pool party goes into the evening adding the glow sticks to the pool can still be fun even if no one is swimming.  You may also consider floating candles which look especially pretty.  Or maybe your pool is perfect as is.


Nighttime Pool

15.  Favors are always a nice touch for your guests. If your budget is limited, hit the dollar store for inexpensive flip flops, wild sunglasses and water proof sunscreen.   To send home a lasting memory, give each guest a colorful beach towel or beach bag.

16. Guests can help capture some fun memories with waterproof cameras such as Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Single Use Camera and Kodak Sport Disposable Camera, 27 Exposure, Waterproof.  Both of these cameras are available online at Amazon.

What’s that?  No pool?  No big deal!  Have a party anyway.   All my friends still talk about the “pool” party I threw around a 10 foot rectangle, 1 foot deep, $19.99 inflatable kids’ pool on sale at Target!