For the past twenty-plus years, the success and growth of Perfect Taste Catering has depended upon enthusiastic recommendations and referrals from literally hundreds of our delighted clients.

Very early on, Vicki decided that instead of buying paid advertising, we would spend our “promotional dollars” on giving every one of our clients better service, better quality foods, and our highest possible commitment to deliver extra value! We still believe it’s the best way to keep old clients and win new ones.

We know that well satisfied clients are the main reason we have such an excellent reputation, so if and when you decide to engage us for the first time, we’ll give it our all to meet and exceed your expectations and earn your complete satisfaction.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your catering assignment, you can count on us to go above and beyond the ordinary in order to provide you with an exceptional sense of value! Once we serve you, we hope that you too will tell your friends about our company and the success of your occasion.

Meantime, here are some excerpts from the many “thank you notes” that our previous clients have sent us:

If you recall, I was concerned about cost, but I came to believe your assurances that I would be very glad if we did it right. The colorful décor and the way you set-up our family room, deck and back yard went beyond my wildest expectations. And those amazing desserts just blew everybody away!

… your creative ideas helped me set the mood for the Forty Five is the new Thirty surprise birthday party that you catered for my wife. She was totally surprised – and thrilled. The dinner was sensational. Our family and guests will be talking about that party for ages.

My boss loved the efficiency of your cheerful staff. Our company’s first employee appreciation day was a huge success.

In the past year, I attended many very different kinds of parties. Three were catered by Vicki Vaughn who owns Perfect Taste Catering in Palo Alto and each of those parties was built around her consistently exceptional food. When we returned from Italy after visiting my husband’s extended family, we asked Vicki to create a Tuscany inspired menu and decorations for our own summer party. That was in July. It’s now October, and the Bravisimos are still coming in from our guests!

Just as you promised me, our party was a hit. Everybody kept talking about the six International food stations. The evening was marvelous and we thank you again, Vicki.!

After being disappointed by two previous caterers, our headquarters office in Chicago sent us an almost embarrassing list of requirements for us to use in choosing a San Francisco area caterer to handle this year’s client appreciation party. Vicki, you were the only caterer who went through the interview and proposal review without grousing. Thank goodness your presentation won over our V.P. and was I glad. I’ve just received his congratulations for the great success of our 5th Anniversary Open House. The praise really belongs to you, your team, and your wonderful food. Please accept my sincere appreciation.

Vicki, you are a consummate professional for spending the extra time it took for you to explain and help me really understand the difference between getting a cheap price and getting a great value. You and your staff were well worth every dollar. Thank you again Vicki for the wonderful reception that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

As you know, this was our family’s first Christmas without our ever-smiling, loving grandmother; we miss her very much. I must again thank you and your staff for your beautiful interpretation of grandma’s holiday recipes. My sister and brothers as well as the kids, cousins, nephews and nieces ALL want to thank you and bless you and your friendly staff for the lovely Christmas dinner. P.S. Father Paccinelli loved the Sicilian Raviolis.

Even though two of our sponsors made an inexcusable planning mistake by printing the wrong date on our invitation, you did indeed follow The Golden Rule as you promised. We’re eternally grateful for your skill in event planning, and your wisdom in quietly showing us how to work around the problem with a phone bank, rather than just complaining about it as most people would have.

You and your wonderful staff treated our guests like old family friends. What an impression our summer garden party made on everybody.

Thank you Vicki, for persuading us to do it right or not at all. As a result, we are still getting compliments and applause about our first anniversary open house. Best of all, we have gained several new clients as a result of our very well-run party.

Again, I am sorry we had to cut this year’s budget along with most departments on the Stanford campus, but – as I knew would happen — you still served us a truly wonderful dinner that brought lots of appreciative comments.

I consider you a valued friend for dealing with our committee and helping me and the chairman change our banquet parameters rather than sacrifice quality or cut back on quantities like the other two bidders were trying to talk us into. It would have been a terrible mistake. Your patient advice was worth a great deal to our fund-raiser’s appreciation banquet. I will always think of Perfect Taste Catering first!

Before we hired you, I hadn’t really consider what cutting back quantities and food quality might convey to this year’s guests. Thank you again for showing us why it made dollars and sense for our company to stick with the highest standards. I am glad that you would not sacrifice quality or staff just for the sake of putting in the lowest bid. What you gave us proved to be well worth the difference.

Thank you very much for creating such a fabulous brunch. The food was delicious — especially the unique French Toast! And the tables and decorations looked beautiful. You and your staff were so professional and friendly and I was just unbelievably pleased with everything! I again want you to know how sorry I was that the venue manager was 40 minutes late unlocking the building for you. But you and your team handled the situation beyond belief. The speed with which you set-up was astounding. You and your team are real pros. A million thank you for making the occasion so very special.

My original idea was to just do the afternoon bowling party and have a cake. Fortunately for me, Barbara told me about the open house you recently catered for her company. I didn’t think a high end caterer would be able to come up with a menu I could afford, but you did it. Thank you, thank you. I can honestly say that everybody at our anniversary party was — pardon the pun — bowled over with your wonderful food. Ted and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks us how we got such great food. We couldn’t have been happier.

As you remember, when I first called you I wanted a cocktail party with full bar service. Two other caterers had told me not to try it with such a small budget. Fortunately, you talked me into changing my plan even though I was really worried that your dessert party idea would not go over with my friends. Was I wrong! Yes, you promised me it would work and it DID. Everything was totally special thanks to your great presentation. The desserts were out of this world. It seemed like some people actually got high on your amazing chocolate truffles and the cup cakes. Anyway, thank you again for all your help.

Fantastic party ideas and food. And great timing worked out with our auctioneer and entertainers. You and your staff show that you love what you do. We appreciated the very professionally managed evening. It was the best fund raiser of any such program our private school has hosted so far.

Both Elliott and I were so pleased and impressed with the eagerness you showed in helping us to plan such a beautiful wedding in a less than ideal location. Once you convinced us that my parents’ yard would work, we knew the money we saved by not renting the fancy hall allowed us a budget that you worked wonders with. Our friends are still raving about the beautiful candlelight ambiance and the meal fit for royalty. We will highly recommend Perfect Taste Catering to any couple that wants a wedding that everybody will always remember. Thank you again, Vicki, for the wedding day that could not have been more beautiful or more fun!

Vicki the way your holiday decorations turned a warehouse into a party plaza was really pretty amazing. The look of the room blew everybody away. But when the buffet line opened, the conversations all focused on the delicious and plentiful food you were serving us. Also, you and everybody on your staff showed us the kind of friendly, professional service that’s really rare to find in this day and age. Our holiday party was everything we could have ever asked for and gave our employees a well-deserved lift.

Thanks for making our IPO party a memorable evening. Everyone there had a terrific time. Our people showed a lot of perseverance for the previous year, and it was really rewarding to see them in such a great mood. Your food was scrumptious and your staff didn’t miss a trick. I’ve been to so many parties where the office gradually was overrun with dirty plates and empty glasses. Thanks to you, none of our offices ever looked messy. The jazz trio you booked for us played the right mix at just the right volume. In short, your staff gave us everything you promised and then some. We look forward to using Perfect Taste Catering again in the future.

A final comment from Vicki Vaughn, our founder and CEO:

I don’t want to run the biggest catering company serving the S.F. Peninsula and Silicon Valley — I just want to run the BEST ONE.

So far, our clients all seem to agree.